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Paralympic Games - London 2012


The Paralympic Games are an international multi-sport event for disabled athletes.  They take place once every four years, just after the Olympic Games. 

The 2012 Paralympic Games will take place in London from August 29th until September 9th.  4,200 athletes from 160 countries will compete in 20 different sports.  Israel will send 25 athletes to the games.

Click here to view three short videoclips about the Paralympics, "Sport Doesn't Care Who You Are", "Behind the Scenes" and "The Manifesto".  

For more information about the Paralympic Games, search for "Paralympics" on Google.  Here are some links to get you started:


Paralympics Project 

Yod 5 and yod alef 6, below is a link to the file with instructions on how to do your project on the Paralympics.  The project is one fo the requirements for your Bagrut exam in English.

paralympics project.docparalympics project.doc

Here are additional files that you need for your project:

daily work schedule.docdaily work schedule.doc

reflection questions.docreflection questions.doc


rubric for assessing the written project.docrubric for assessing the written project.doc

Rubric for Assessing the Oral Group Presentation.docRubric for Assessing the Oral Group Presentation.doc