Download each of the attached files to see what needs to be in your literature log (not including All My Sons).  For each piece, there are seven basic components.  Anything marked in yellow should appear in your log.  In the files, you will also find all of the printed pages that you received in class -- these should be in your log, as well.

Count That Day Lost.docCount That Day Lost.doc 

A Poison Tree.docA Poison Tree.doc   explaining cause and effect worksheet.pdfexplaining cause and effect worksheet.pdf   

Richard Cory.docRichard Cory.doc   distinguishing different perspectives.pdfdistinguishing different perspectives.pdf

The Lady or the Tiger.docThe Lady or the Tiger.doc

The Story of an Hour.docThe Story of an Hour.doc

The Road Not Taken.docThe Road Not Taken.doc

A Retrieved Reformation.docA Retrieved Reformation.doc